Friday, August 15, 2014

More Coming Soon...

I've decided to start this blog to go along with my first blog page When I first started the other page, I had no idea that it would gain the interest that it has. Currently, the counter sets at just over 80,000 views world wide. This is amazing to me.

While my original page focuses mainly on how-to and crochet pattern posts (I will soon be branching out to include other crafts I enjoy as well) my plans for this page are slightly different. With this page, I plan on sharing the day-to-day journey crochet brings to my life. I have also been looking for a better platform to share my experience with crochet patterns for which I do not hold the copyright. These patterns are often beautiful and worth sharing.

I also plan on starting a Facebook page to go along with this page. More info will follow on that as it becomes available.

A Little Background Info:

  • I am a married, mother of two beautiful little girls and from time to time you may see them modeling current projects or read about them as they tend to be an intricate part of my crochet journey. I am also a full time student so please be patient if it takes me a while between posts. 
  • I have been crocheting from a very young age. As a young child, I spent loads of time with my Great Grandmother who is an avid Doily crocheter. From about the age of 5 (from the point she decided I was old enough to learn and needed something other than toys to occupy my time.) she began teaching me the art of Crochet. 
  • 20 years later, I have moved on from doily crochet. While I still pick up the thread and crank out a doily or two from time to time, I love working on other types of projects that tend to be more interactive; mostly this means clothing, blankets, toys, etc.
  • 20 years later, I am still finding new techniques I have never seen. I still share each new type of project with my Great Grandmother and she is always excited to see how versatile my crochet skills have become. Of course, there have been projects I would never share with my Grandmother as she is from a far different generation and would likely be traumatized by some of the projects I have come across on my own as well as in requests from friends. 
  • I love to go off-pattern and see what I come up with. This often leads to wonderful new projects and patterns I come back to time and time again. Many of these projects have ended up being posted, for free, on my first blog page. 
  • I love to answer questions from beginners (as well as more seasoned crocheters.) If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post (or via Facebook when that route becomes active) and I will be more than happy to offer advice.

If you are still with me at the end of this, rather lengthy, initial post I hope you will stick around and enjoy the journey with me. This page will include triumphs, struggles, tips for beginners, product reviews, links to other helpful pages, wonderful patterns, and above all else, fun.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned as there will be much, much more coming soon.

Keep hooking,

Edit: Update in regards to the Facebook page. Instead of just a simple page, I decided to start a crochet group instead. It is a closed group (mainly so I can deal with any member issues as they arise) but anyone is welcome to join. Simply click on the join group button at the top and I will get you added as soon as I can.
To find the Facebook group, simply click on the link at the top of the page or click here.

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